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Kitchen Remodeling Tips before you Call a Contractor

In this blog post we wanted to provide some tips about what to do before you call a professional kitchen remodeling contractor to remodel your kitchen.

There are different types of professionals to choose from based on the needs you’ll have. Kitchen designers, remodeling contractors, electricians, plumbers and installers.

So what and who do you need?

A big part of that answer will depend on how much you’re comfortable doing on your own and how much help you can afford.

Most important, do your homework. Know your likes and dislikes and define your priorities.

For example, if a restaurant grade appliance is really important to you, you may need to spend less somewhere else.

One way to save is to do the initial budget planning yourself.

www.homestyler.com is a free online program that lets you design your kitchen in 2D and 3D.

By using this tool you can identify some of the key decisions you’ll want to consider before contacting a professional.

You can virtually build your kitchen before buying a thing. Try popping in different appliances, countertops, you name it.The possibilities are endless.

You can try different layouts. Even explore different colors and finishes. Save all your designs online, then share them with potential design professionals or contractor you decide to reach out to. Then you can print out your designs and take them with you if you meet in person with the remodel contractor or you can just provide access to the online account so they can get a visual idea of what you are looking for.

Next it’s time to choose your contractor wisely.

Ask your friends for referrals. Do call references, and always ask to see their license. Take this time to consider time to consider your budget and financing options. Often the contractor can help secure financing if that is the way you want to go. Be sure to consider the financing terms before you sign.

Things tend to take a lot longer than you initially think so be prepared especially of you need permits. Permits will add to your schedule but any general contractor or home remodeling company should explain this to you before you start the project.

One very very important note. Be sure to check with your homeowner’s association if you have one…. and find out if there are any rules about construction. You need to know these before you start your remodel plans. Some of them can be pretty strict.

So in a nutshell, Define your priorities, Find a licensed contractors with good references. Take a little time to Learn about permits.

We hope this post was informative. If you have any questions about any of the tips mentioned above or would like us to come out and discuss your home or kitchen remodeling project, feel free to give the Office of Horace Trumbauer a call today at (724) 481-1411 or visit our site at https://horacetrumbauer.com

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