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How to Find the Perfect Custom Home Builder in Pittsburgh?

How to Find the Perfect Custom Home Builder in Pittsburgh?

You have been dreaming about living in a new custom home: Saving images to your Houzz Ideabook, adding Pins in your Pinterest Boards, picking the perfect area that you want to live in. Now, you want to find the custom home builders in Pittsburgh who can transform your dream into a reality. If that’s you,continue reading to learn these important tips about how to select the perfect custom home builder for you.

Building a new custom home is a significant investment. You definitely should take the time to find a reputable, experienced builder that fits your style and do not rush. You’re looking for a true advocate for you throughout the entire process not just a good salesmen with the lowest price.

Here’s some key tips to help you select a quality custom home builder:


Finding a Good Match

Word-of-mouth is a great way to find a good home builder because your friends and family know you best. If they have used someone in the area that did a great job for them, definitely consider that home builder for your project. Consult with friends and family and create a list of home builders and then start the interview process. During the interviews the builders should be transparent, detailed, and welcome questions from you. By conducting interviews you will be able to narrow down the list of qualified builders to the ones you connect with.


Custom Home Building Experience

Although having the proper licensing, credentials and certifications for the type of home you need is crucial, experience is really the true test. Nothing trumps experience in the area of custom home building. Once you feel you have asked a good series of questions to ensure the general contractor has the proper experience they you should be able to get their license information so you can check out their online history and any feedback you can find.


Experience Building in the Area

A custom home builder who has built homes in the area will have a clear vision of the permits needed for the jurisdiction you want your new dream home built in. This experience comes in really handy and reduces the time and the stress that can come with dealing with the city. By choosing a home builder in Pittsburgh who is experienced in the locale, can make all the difference in the overall experience of making your home a reality within your budget and time frame. Also, a good home builder that knows the neighborhoods could be privy to certain lots that are available to fit your needs.


Crafting your Design to Match the Lot

This is a crucial step. You may have a great idea for your home but it may not work out perfectly if you don’t choose the right lot for the concept. This is also where an experienced custom home builder makes all the difference. A quality home builder will have the foresight to help you side step these pitfalls before they happen. Starting with reviewing the lot that has been selected to develop the layout along with recommendations for room sizes, elevations and design that fit your personality and goals.A quality custom home builder will have great architects he works with to crystallize your idea into shape.


A Reputation for Quality Home Building

Research the testimonials and reviews about the builder. See what previous clients have to say about the process and the overall experiences they had while building their custom homes. It is very important to not be shy about asking for references for recent clients that are willing to share their experiences with you. As an award winning, luxury home builder for more than 105 years, the professionals at the Office of Horace Trumbauer located in Pittsburgh, PA has been recognized as a leader in custom home building and quality craftsmanship for decades.

If you are looking to build your custom dream home in the Pittsburgh area, look no further.

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    I like that you mention that you look to hire someone that has a good reputation. My husband and I are looking to build a home next year and one of the most important aspects for us is to find a contractor that has good connections to get building supplies. With their experience, they should be able to work with reputable supply companies to get the right supplies for our project.

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